Catalogue « Les Jardiniers De La Mémoire »

Musée de la Création Franche

Bègles, France. 1993

                                                                               ODY SABAN

                                                                                   The Cry


              Ody Saban shows pictures inherited from her various cultures. She tells us about life as one would leaf through a confidential documentation on odd countries, arousing fleetingly in us some muted reminiscences. If to create signifies to give life again to latent forces lurking in the unknown, this artist represents the archetype of the creator in whom the profusion of sources creates a disorientating universe. Here, any line brings to life the shapes arising from the depth of the soul. Tumultuous, vindictive, protesting, the line interlaces, springs up, bursts in all directions, diffuses the ink on the sheet, wholly filled by this strong presence. When every drawing surprise us, every painting disconcerts us, we have to be vigilant: something important occurs. The creation is here, unexpected, arousing our surprise.

In front of these new realities, which give another vision of the world, one has to let oneself be tamed, to prevent the reflex which leads us too often to dismiss what the mind does not understand and to listen to what the work tells us. Ody Saban cries. Her revolt, her love, her desires, her regrets, the suffering and the joy. We are human beings. Only that. All that. The artistic creation testifies of our poor limits and of the infinity of our resources. The instinct always leads us to search for an identity in the vision of the other. Or rather the differences this vision suggests. Thus we will achieve a better knowledge of ourselves.

                                                                Gérard SENDREY