Review Artension,Paris.
N° 16. 1990
..."I take up the harmony of the Muslim architecture, but adding breaks in the rhythm. I "disharmonize" the decorative. Because I am a woman, and thus a profane." And it works. Ody Saban's pictures intoxicate. They can threaten. One falls into them, like in Raw Art. "It is a maze in which nobody is stuck. But one must accept to get off."And Ody Saban refers to Paul Klee, who defined the line of the downward fall as the line of construction. One must fall to be able to stand up again, improved, instead of going up straight and deteriorating after. The triangle pointing downward is the symbol of good direction. Ody Saban often uses it as the basis of her compositions." The shadow of the pyramid, of the hierarchy. The boat's hull" and, of course, the pubis. Back to square one.

Françoise Monnin