- Excerpt edition museum d’Art Différencié, Liège. 2000


         2001 Catalogue “ Black on white, interior worlds “


                  “ There is no doubt that intoxication is the major force governing the realm of ecstasy over which hovers the artist’s hand, moving the pen which flies like a magic wand. Stubborn and penetrating, the impulsive lines spring up unceasingly, in fascinating meanders, explosive knots and dark recesses from which are born seductive dreams. The quasi- automatic flow engendered recalls a warm stream from which you might hear the sobs of the sirens. Agile transparent bodies swirl around, intertwining legs and interlocking arms, enjoying quivering orgasms, the final victory over anguish. This is a love song forever begun again, the redemptive orgy. Everywhere, swollen lips and genitals invade the tactile and metaphoric spaces; in which flowers, fruits and fertile filaments grow. Everything vibrates and echoes. Anything can be played on: murmur, miasma, mix, menace, marvel, metamorphosis. From time to time there appears, a majestic phallus, winged as in ancient art. Ody Saban’s  erotics is an assertion of independence and universal  peace.”