2001.        Catalogue “ Black on white, interior worlds “


                  Ody  Saban’s deepest desires reinvent absolute love in the provoking and erotic embraces of her melding lovers who are liberated from all oppression. They await the sovereign response of the lover:

You  are the dark sea of the dawn , / The wild fire of the heart of the foaming tide , / the prison of shining needles on the ocean . / You are the diver that enters the blackness of all that is not the heart , / And the picker of gossamer woven  for the fingers of the blind by medusas from our scent . / You are the  hemisphere of light full of the foaming dawning day. / You hold the day in your hand like a knife. On the blade the colours sparkle . /  You are she who cuts for me the knots of day and night / When you sleep, when you watch, you are she whose hand I hold by turns with the night .
                                               Poem by Thomas MORDANT
               The expressive energy of her work is not just in its fantastic or visionary content but also in her chosen artistic solution. Torn from its position as simply a graphic technique, the drawings itself is a part of the interior experience. It becomes a way of being in the world of submitting to its principles or of escape, to find its home.

                         Springing from a productive tension between the creative impulsive and its execution, these drawings remind us that art is as much a mental as perceptible thing, born of the fortuitous or voluntary meeting between the two, existing in a fragile and mysterious point of equilibrium. It is where emotion and sensuality, the unconscious impulses and deep desires express themselves and are transcended.

                                                               Martine LUSARDY