The entire work of Ody Saban vibrates with erotism. Never before  an artist has so skilfuly and uninhibitedly rendered the female libido. She elevates it as the supreme symbol of a Feminism that has been profoundly rooted in  the synthesis of her Cosmopolitan culture. Going even further, she has fused together her Hittite, Lydian and Turguish origins,(the Bible-based civilazations) finding  Paris that ultimate capital of people which desired the father off all poets: Victor Hugo.

            Let the human flesh reach its highest merit! May the warfare of old complexes be now that that will eliminate all the taboos not yet aboolished! The paintings of this bold painter are a constant challenge sketching itself on the equality of a sensualism directed towards an utopic happiness led by women.

From the pugnacious squatter that imprints her origins as a painter to an innovative expression of Surrealism, the reality is that Ody Saban remains an enchantress whose works seduces, intoxicates, glorifies and carries the soul away. We then see how art becomes action and action becomes art; hence, joy is found in the struggle and the battle finds its priceless reward.

Her canvas as well as her drawings are filled with all the four elements that constitute life: we find the blue as the symbol of water and the sky blending together with the yellow and red which signify human flesh and the fire of our burning star. Fishes and birds coexist harmonously sharing the same elements as humans do embrace themselves tobecome one.

Such is the astonishing singularity of this singular art, where colors and shapes make love to themselves.


                                                                      Michel Lequenne