Book »L’art brut »

Françoise MONNIN
Collection of l’Art Brut Lausanne

Editions Scala

Tableaux Choisis

1997 Paris

p. 29


Aloïse world inhabited by “universal pomegranate, golden urn star of charity “ and by “a globe thief girl” exudes a deeply generous message. It explains the almond shape used in each work. Mouth, eye, fruit, vulva, nail, ring, petal, medal, ermine tail or trough in which lies the baby Jesus, all symbols of the woman open, offered. We can find the same in the exuberant world of the Turkish artist Ody Saban, who now lives in Paris.

Ody Saban (born in 1953)

From the horizon of the planet Venus (1994)

Watercolor, China ink on muslin paper
30 X 40 cm

Private collection

p. 60

The Turkish artist Ody Saban is used to say that she is governed more by her dreams than by her culture, since she met with a serious car crash. Just as is the Yugoslavian artist Jakic who, since 1970, covers long paper rolls with frightening figures and interlaced words. Both of them always push back the bound of their work sizes.

Ody Saban (born in 1953)

Loving diving of the injured (1991)

Watercolor, China ink on wrapping paper

122 X 247 cm

Philippe Lévy collection.